Unique Cute Boy Names

Finding unique cute baby boy names not a easy task, we are here to help you. Cute boy names are always most popular among parents. In this page we presents unique popular boy names.

Having a little baby boy is such a great miracle for loving parents. The difficult part is putting him a lovely cute name with the beautiful meaning. Cute names which will sound cute and sweet to the baby is really ideal names for baby boy.

Your baby is adorable so will put adorable cute names to him. And do not take this as an easy job and this is a really responsible duty that you have to do as a parents and here we support you to choose a name for your little baby boy.

The below list of cute names will give you the meaning as well and its up to you to choose an ideal cute name for your baby boy.

Don’t be worry, Boy Names Hub we are ready to bring collection of names for you.

Most popular boy names with meaning.

Most popular and trending among Irish names, Parents can decide as nickname for William. This Irish boy name meaning is Resolute protector. Willard, Pim, Lyam and Bill can take as nicknames and international versions for Liam.

Everyone know Noah is an ancient Biblical name, It is a Hebrew name and means “To comfort”. Popularity of this name keep remains top of the parents heart. Noe is a different version of Noah.

Oh my god, perfect and most lovely name in the world, read more William.

This popular name origins Hebrew and Jacob is the same name with meaning “supplanter” .

Logan is historically popular name. It may be popular as a unisex name. This Scottish name means “From the hollow”. Has become one of popular Surname.

In Bible “youngest son of Jacob” or Hebrew origin name means “Son of the right hand” It has Spanish origin also. There are popular nicknames Benji and Ben. If you are looking a Surname this is perfect.

Name has occupational meaning “stoneworker”. English and French origin name. Alternate name for Macon.

Awesome biblical boy name Hebrew origin meaning with “The Lord is my God” same name as Iliya, Ellis, Elija, Elias, Elia, Eli.

Oliver has origins in the French, English and Latin name Olivier, as a Latin boy name meaning can take as “Peaceful or the olive tree”, Norse boy name will be “Affectionate” meaning. Perfect for a Surname.

Most popular classic boy name, new generation loves the name Jacob, Name becomes famous with ‘twilight’ movie series , Hebrew meaning “Supplanter” same name found Jake, all over the world there are different versions of this name like Jakub, Jago, Jacquez, Giacomo, Jaap, Jake, Jakob, Jack.

Be more specific, find black boy names

Popular unique boy names

One of popular Hebrew name meaning with “Father is light”. Can make nicknames like Avi and Ab. Biblical girl name.

Hebrew name means Boy will be the “son of comfort”, As father you will be the comfort. or meaning strong as a bear.

Lovey boy name meaning as “bearer of Christ” , popular among Christians and can take as a Biblical boy name.

There is a history behind the name David, Hebrew meaning is “A beloved friend”, There are nice nicknames for David, like Dave and Dai. This name can take as a Biblical boy name and surname for boy. If you like more about this name there are same names in around the world like Dawud, Dave, Dai.

People with this name will be “Strong and healthy”.

Hebrew boy name meaning with “God is with us”. There are lovely Nicknames like Manny, Mannie, Imani and Iman. Popular Biblical boy name because Emmanuel is another name for Jesus. There are same name with spellings changes “Immanuel”.

Latin origin boy name means “happy and lucky”. There are similar names like Felicity and Felicia.


meaning with “shining pledge”, Popular among English, French, Dutch and German boy names. Most popular as a German boy name.

Traditional name in Britain, Found some nicknames Heinz and Hank, German origin means “Ruler of the household” or “estate ruler”. Most of the people think it would be a good surname. Found same names Henryk, Henrique and Enzo.

Scottish origin name meaning “green river” and “handsome”.

Baby boy names


“God is gracious”


“The Royal Town”


“The lion”


“a person from Finland”


“victory of the people”


“rising in the sky”


“a bird reborn from the ashes”


“English surname meaning fifth”


“powerful advice”


“heard by God”


“soft and tender”


“Wolf of peace”




“highest point”


Cool name with the meaning of “mineral”.


“Sea” is the meaning and this is a sweet Hawaiian baby boy name.


Toby means “God is good” and this is a very meaningful name that can put your baby boy. As a Christian baby boy name and Biblical boy name can be select. You may love to find Biblical girl names.


The meaning of Asher is “Happiness”. Boy will bring the happiness to the family and to the world.


This has a strong meaning “Lion”, name sounds cute and meaning is strong. Try more strong boy names and powerful boy names. Here powerful girl names.


“Red hair King” If your baby having ginger hair the ideal name for him put is Rory. Its looks like a magical boy name. There are magical girl names.


This is the most romantic name. Caspian is the name of the sea between Europe and Asia. Better for hippie boy names. May love hippie girl names.


“Nobleman” is the meaning and its sounds strong.


Is a loving cute boy name, it also means “Nobleman”.


Sounds cute and meaning is “Dragon”. Yeh we know dragons are not cute but boys loves dragons. Another cute magical boy name.


As mother and father you will be happy to give a name with meaning “God is gracious”.


The cute boy name has French origin lovely meaning “island”.


Sometimes birds and flowers are looks familiar with girl names, but here opposite happens, name has meaning of “Tiny bird”.


This is good if you are looking for Hindi cute boy names, but can use as a English boy name, it has meaning “sweet”.


“Goodness of God” is the meaning of Tobias. Can be used as a girl name also.


English origin means “free man”


Catholic boy name which means “Holy Cross” and name origin is Spanish. Find more Spanish boy names.


Cute boy name with the meaning of “Greatest”. Origin is English.


Meaning is “King” which comes from Latin, Some similar names can found with Mexican boy names.


“Soldier” is the meaning which sound strong meaning and cute boy name .


Really cute boy name which can put for baby name.


Meaning “small Goat”, This name sounds cute.


“Forest” is the meaning of Silas.


Oh god one day your kid will shine with this name, Name has lovely strong meaning “defending man”


Oh yeh, your boy came to this world for win, sounds good ha, This name means “people of victory”

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